Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Smaller the Iris, The Better! Sanpaku Eyes are Too Cute and Too Mysterious!

Droopy eyes, Wide-set eyes, Hime cut, Short bleached hair, there are many personal tastes of what they feel is cute in Japan. We found a new genre!! It’s Sanpaku eyes(in Japanese, Sanpakugan)!
I am guessing the most familiar person that has Sanpaku eyes would be Audrey Hepburn

Sanpaku eyes means that the iris of the eyes don’t touch the bottem of their eyes. People who have Sanpaku eyes leave a very strong impression that they have powerful eyes.
Some people have thought these eyes make them a bit scary especially since people who have big iris were thought to be cute. (This is why color contact lenses became popular too)
Since Sanpaku eyes were not a major genre, not many people payed attention to it, but the girls I thought were cute lately all had Sanpaku eyes! Maybe you’ve been experiencing the same thing…?
 Rena Takeda

Mitsuki Kimijima

Mikako Tabe

Do you get what I mean?
Whats great about Sanpaku eyes is that it gives you the superb balance of mysteriousness and cuteness. Like I mentioned above, since many people have said that girls with big iris look cute the most, Sanpaku eyed girls is definitely a new genre. I guess the diversity of kawaii is spreading more and more.
Here are some more cute Sanpaku eyed girls!

Airi Suzuki

Sayumi Michishige

Nana Komatsu

Hitomi Arai

Sanpaku eyes is a matter of their eyeballs, so it isn’t something you can create with makeup! I guess its a cuteness coming from ones nature!

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