Thursday, November 10, 2016

Moe Situations Out of Control! What’s Behind All of This Kabe-don Popularity?

You’ve all probably heard of the word Kabe-don. Its what’s turning Japanese girls’ eyes into hearts all over the place. It happens when someone leans over someone else –who is against a wall– with one arm (or rarely both arms)… then DON! (The sound of something hitting a hard surface) This is what causes excitement and exhilaration.

How it all started…

Kabe-don is a word expressing the action of a man to suddenly stretch his arm out and hit the wall making the “don” sound. Kabe-don first started to become famous in the manga based movie “L・DK” which was in theaters April 2014.

But it wasn’t just “L・DK” that had this situation since Kabe-don was a very popular “Moe” situation among girls.
In the manga “Strobo Edge”, Ren does Kabe-don to Ninako to stop her from going home so he can hear her response to his confession of love the other day..

In a manga based drama on Nippon Television called “Kyou Kaisha Yasumimasu” Sota Fukushi as Yuto Tanokura does Kabe-don to Haruka Ayase as Hanae Aoishi.

Many idols and celebrities have uploaded Kabe-don photos online

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